Globalive Wireless Is Now Wind Mobile…. And They Want YOU!

Globalive has re-branded their wireless division into Wind Mobile. What’s so significant about that? I’ll let this paragraph from the press release explain:

Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA (Wind) is a leading operator in the fixed line and mobile telephony sectors with sister operations in Italy and Greece. With 16.9 million mobile subscribers, Wind is the fastest growing mobile operator in Italy. Wind serves 5.2M mobile customers in Greece. In Canada WIND will leverage this global success and knowledge to the benefit of Canadian customers. Wind is controlled by Weather Investment SpA which is controlled by the Sawiris family.

Basically, these dudes have brand recognition already. Their Italian arm for example are the shirt sponsors of A.S. Roma which is one of Italy’s top football sides. If you sponsor a football side where player’s transfer fees can add up to over $130 million in the the case of Cristano Ronaldo, then the sponsor must have deep pockets because you can be sure that the club isn’t getting all of that cash from the gate.

Oh if you’re Canadian and looking for a job, you might want to take note of this:

WIND is already growing fast. Starting today, WIND is actively looking to immediately fill 300 positions in customer service and up to 2000 more positions within the next 12 months. More information about current employment opportunities and how to apply can be found at

Get in your application now. I’m betting that these jobs will go fast. Finally, here’s something that will send chills down the spines of execs at Rogers, Telus, and Bell:

WIND is currently on target to launch in key markets in late 2009 and will continue to launch services across Canada in 2010. Service will operate on an all-IP HSPA network, which will pave the way to an LTE network in the future. Using this format will enable Canadian customers to have first-class wireless service and access to a broad choice of devices available to purchase exclusively from WIND.

If you’re looking to switch providers, you now know when you can make the jump.

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  1. I am hopeful that Wind would bring a healthy dose of competition and innovation in the mobile sector in Canada and give some respite to the long suffering mobile subscribers.

    I have seen first hand how Banglalink/Orascom – the subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Holding ‘OTH’ [an affiliate company of Wind] – had brought the prices down in Bangladesh, forcing the dominant operator there to follow suit and improve customer service. For the first few months they endured losses while building their brand & customer base. Naguib Sawiris – the chief of OTH has a global/longterm vision and the patience to see it through.

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