The Pirate Bay’s Plan To Make Itself Legal Is Doomed To Fail

Torrentfreak has a story that details how Global Gaming Factory who are the new owners of The Pirate Bay plan on making the site legal:

“The holder will be able to leave the file and obtain compensation or ask for removal of the file. GGF will also pay any penalties that may arise,” the GGF board announced. There are no licensing agreements in place with the entertainment industry yet, but GGF hopes to partner with most of the major movie studios and record labels within a year.

Four words come to mind when I read the above statement: Good luck with that. Why do I feel that way? Simple. The business model is to take away the things that people are  interested in, and start charging for whatever is left. On top of that they will pay for any copyright issues that arise out of their own pockets. Meanwhile other torrent sites will have the stuff that people are interested in for free (although it would be just as illegal as The Pirate Bay used to be. Not that people who use torrents care about details like the law). The end result is that The Pirate Bay will be dead very quickly.

This is the worst business model I have ever seen.

It amazes me how Global Gaming Factory can believe that they would have a viable business after they do all of this. Perhaps it’s the cheap drugs they’re smoking?

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  1. does this mean that since the scene groups the ones who’s now going to be providing the content for these people to make money of selling can request for all their hard work and time and effort they put into releasing to be pulled from the site?

    i can see it now,

    NOTV, FQM, all putting in removal requests for their tv shows they encoded.. lol

    Dear Piratebay, we are the release group NOTV/FQM (insert name here) we have noticed our works that we spent all our time encoding and producing is now for sale on your website we would like to know if we would be getting a cut of the share from users who bought this since the works i.e. the actual file and bits and bytes come from us not the copyright authors.

    Since it’s our actual files that’s being shared and sold to users not files or content that the actual industry has provided lol then we want our share else we will stop releasing…

    can you imagine if they stopped leaking the content then the people would not have that content to upload to the bay in the first place then what would they do?

    they’ve already as much said there wont be any major contracts with any big movie/music labels for the next few years…

    so they are hoping and praying that users keep uploading scene releases so they can then charge other users who wants to download it.

    i really fail to see how the hell this is being allowed your going to be uploading your own content for you to share with people then they come in and charge people for that content you shared for free? lol

    and how are they getting away with selling DivX/XviD re-encodes which are in now way from the original authors

    this is getting bizarre no wonder rosso jumped ship when he found this out. it’s just insane to even believe this will work.

  2. Grx….What on earth are you babbling about? No-one with any sense will upload anything to the shit-hole. I just don’t get where you’re getting this idea :S

  3. if you read the article first they say they will not be getting any content from the creators or the industry they will/are going to be selling scene content which is already on there which is uploaded by other uploaders.

    what im babbling about is 99% of content on there in piracy form is from the release groups is it not, so if the industry is not going to be providing the content and they are going to use the existing content which means scene group release content.

    my post was sarcasm it was humorous i..e the scene groups applying for their content they pirated in the first place to be removed

    oh forget it..

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