Microsoft To Get “Speedy” Appeal… Get Ready To Rumble!

Microsoft is going to get its day in court to try and overturn their stunning court defeat from earlier this month:

An appeals court in Washington said this week it will hear arguments Sept. 23 on Microsoft’s request to delay an earlier order that awarded $290 million to Toronto company i4i and also imposed a permanent injunction on selling Word in the U.S. effective Oct. 10.

You can fully expect that Microsoft will show up with a army of lawyers and patent experts in order to shoot i4i out of the sky. Otherwise, the distraction of having to either pull Microsoft Word off shelves (which won’t happen IMHO) or come out with some sort of patch that avoids the i4i patent (which is much more likely if they lose IMHO) will be a major one in the lead up to their Windows 7 launch.

It will be interesting to see what i4i rolls into court with. After all, their pockets are not as deep as Microsoft’s, and that my tip the scales in the favor of Microsoft.

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