Parallels Switch To Mac Edition Hits The Streets For PC Users Wanting To Go Mac Painlessly

I got a press release from Parallels this morning announcing Parallels Desktop Switch To Mac Edition. In a nutshell, here’s what it does:

  • It includes two hours of interactive videos that help PC users learn the Mac platform. I’m sure that the geniuses at your local Apple Store are overjoyed to hear that.
  • When you’re ready to switch, an included USB cable and a piece of software called Enhanced Parallels Transporter will move the entire PC (licensed operating system, applications, files and data) to the new Mac.
  • Parallels Desktop 4.0 then takes the contents of the PC that you just migrated and lets you run it as a virtual machine.

It sounds slick and is worth considering if you are moving from PC to Mac. It’s also cheap. It’s $100 US and available today.

I’d love to try this out and move my wife from her WinXP box to a Mac. Any chance you can hook me up Parallels?

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