Facebook Agrees To Changes To Keep Canada Happy… The Rest Of The Planet Benefits Too [UPDATED]

You might remember that Facebook had managed to tick off the Privacy Commissioner Of Canada because the popular social networking site didn’t conform to Canadian Privacy laws. Today the Privacy Commissioner announced that Facebook is going to make a bunch of changes to comply with with the Privacy Commissioner wants:

“We are satisfied that with these changes Facebook is on the way to meeting the requirements of Canada’s privacy law,” federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said this morning after revealing the popular social networking site has agreed to change the way it collects, stores and shares personal data within a year. “The privacy of people using the site, not only in Canada but around the world, will be far better protected.

“This is hugely significant,” Stoddart continued. “Facebook has 12 million users in Canada alone – that is about a third of our population – and well more than 200 million users of Facebook worldwide. All those users will have a far clearer view of how they perceive information is being shared once Facebook implements our recommendations. They will also have far more control over what they are sharing and with whom.”

So this has implications for not only Canada, but the entire world. And that’s a good thing if you’re a Facebook user. It means that wherever you are, you privacy is better protected.

So in this case, don’t blame Canada. Thank Canada instead.

UPDATE: One reader pointed out by e-mail that in certain circumstances, Facebook is still allowed to retain your data AFTER you close your Facebook account. So if you decide to leave Facebook, make sure you choose the option that doesn’t allow them to keep your data.

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