Global Gaming Factory Punted From Sweedish Stock Exchange

It now seems that the purchase of The Pirate Bay by Global Gaming Factory is officially doomed. That’s because Global Gaming Factory has been removed from the Sweedish Stock Exchange. But their problems don’t end there:

AktieTorget, the Swedish stock market where shares of Global Gaming once traded, said a disciplinary group found it had “provided false information,” displayed “a lack of accountability,” and “seriously violated” the exchange’s transparency principles.

A report issued by AktieTorget’s disciplinary group called into question most of Global Gaming’s public statements since June, when the software company and operator of Internet cafes first announced it would acquire The Pirate Bay, a popular BitTorrent search engine. The banishment by AktieTorget, which last month suspended trading in Global Gaming’s shares, is without a doubt the most serious barrier yet to Global Gaming’s acquisition of The Pirate Bay.

The story of Global Gaming’s acquisition of The Pirate Bay now seems less about whether the company actually will ever take control and more about whether anyone involved will be accused of a crime.

I’d imagine that the people behind Global Gaming Factory are lawyering up as we speak. Misleading investors is a charge that will have you being someone’s prison bitch tossed into jail in short order here in North America. The same has to be true in Europe. I would expect perp walks to be taking place shortly.

Oh, I also expect that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this.

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