Microsoft Brings Kylie Back To Promote Windows 7 [UPDATED]

If you thought that Kylie (who according to her is a PC and she’s “four and a half”) was cute in this ad, Microsoft is hoping that you’ll find her even more cute in this new ad for Windows 7:

My thoughts? The original ad was cute and likely to be effective as it shows something that someone who is “four and a half” might do with a computer. This ad is a bit over the top with all of the quotes from various tech blogs and her saying that Windows 7 is “snappy and re-pon-ki-ser.” The 80’s rock anthem playing in the background doesn’t help either.

What are your thoughts? Post a comment and share them with us.

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that the 80’s rock anthem playing in the background is “The Final Countdown” by Europe.

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