T-Mobile Sidekick Users Still Down…. WTF?

Another day, and still no service for T-Mobile Sidekick users. The rage from Sidekick users is growing louder by the day with Twitter being the main source. Here are some examples of what users think of this circus:

Sidekick data service has been down for FIVE days! Warning – do NOT use T-Mobile‘s Sidekick. It’s a DISASTER!

So T-Mobile thinks that giving me a month’s free of internet access will make up for their crappy sidekick service. um, no T-Mobile. No!

T-Mobile sucks and so does the Sidekick..I had that phone for 29 days then I went back to Sprint n got a Blackberry

really t-mobile? its been like 6 days now and still no working sidekick?!

All of those were posted to Twitter in the last hour. And none of that includes #tmobilesucks which has been one of the top trending topics on Twitter over the last few days. If this isn’t a PR disaster for T-Mobile as well as Danger/Microsoft, I don’t know what is. Oh, in case you’re wondering what those two are saying, you can check out the official word from T-Mobile on this via their forums (which by the way have a large number of unhappy campers posting messages). The Hiptop site (run by Danger/Microsoft) pretty much mirrors what T-Mobile said. That’s in my opinion is a major PR fail for both parties.

The longer that this continues, the more I sense a great disturbance in the force. Likely caused by thousands of sidekick users running to buy another smart phone that’s not made by Danger/Microsoft on a network that isn’t T-Mobile.

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