T-Mobile Sidekick Users Get A Month Free…. But Is It Too Late?

I’m guessing that T-Mobile must be feeling the heat as the news that all Sidekick users will get a credit of one month because of their ongoing outage is starting to filter through the Interwebs. Phone News has a copy of the message that was posted to T-Mobile support forums by Jim Alling, Chief Operations Officer at T-Mobile:

I understand that this data service disruption is very frustrating to our valued Sidekick customers. For many years, the Sidekick has been, and continues to be, a cornerstone device for T-Mobile. And we believe Sidekick customers are among the most loyal customers anywhere. Recognizing that, and to address any inconvenience Sidekick data customers are experiencing, T-Mobile will automatically credit one month of data service to customers who subscribe to T-Mobile Sidekick data plans. There is nothing you need to do to get this credit – T-Mobile will post the credit to these accounts in the coming days.

Great. But I think that this is too little too late for T-Mobile. Why? Check some of these posts on Twitter:

Go with the iphone because #tmobilesucks ….they are the worst, my data dropped 2 days ain..err

Just bought an iphone and AT&T service. Now to canceling my #tmobilesucks plan.

#tmobilesucks …time to switch service but da question is which one??..

LOL don’t matta 2 me im gettin a BB *peace #TMOBILESUCKS *

So the defections from T-Mobile begin. Sucks to be them. Sucks to be Danger/Microsoft too as they stand to lose as well. But it’s great news for Research In Motion and Apple as they are about to get a bunch of new customers. You can bet that execs in both of those companies are jumping for joy at the moment.

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