Sabatoge Responsible For Sidekick Outage?

Here’s a plot twist that I never saw coming. “Insiders” within the Microsoft Danger/Pink group have alleged via AppleInsider that the Sidekick outage must have been caused by Sabatoge and further complicated by internal politics within Microsoft:

“If this was an ordinary sort of failure, the service would have come back within a day, so once again, all signs point to sabotage. If they erased the server hard drives, they would have to reinstall the OS on each affected server, then reload all of the server-side software and start everything back up, and who knows how many people are remaining at Danger who even know how to do all of that? Once again, there is no-one on the Microsoft side who is going to know how to do any of this.

Charming. I’ve always said that every business is one disgruntled employee away from a major disaster. If this is true, this pretty much proves that point. But it gets better. Apparently the word is that T-Mobile is irate at Microsoft:

“T-Mobile has an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with Danger/Microsoft, which is a standard legal document for these types of relationships, one that requires Danger/MS to reimburse T-Mobile with defined monetary penalties if the service goes down for longer than x minutes, etc. I have no clue about the details, but clearly a week-plus outage plus permanent loss of all user data stored in the cloud (leaving only the user data stored on the devices themselves, which will completely vanish if the device is shut down improperly or crashes!) is the worst possible violation of the SLA conceivable, and essentially guarantees a very nasty lawsuit against Microsoft, regardless of whatever forensic and legal investigations they are doing to try to find the culprit,” one of the insiders explained.

“T-Mobile is now getting blamed for something which isn’t their fault at all, and a million plus customers are now seriously considering leaving for the iPhone or elsewhere. I’m also thinking that a class-action lawsuit on behalf of those users who lost all of their data (contacts, notes, emails, SMS’s, tasks, calendar entries) is now quite likely, and once again T-Mobile is going to be caught in the crossfire, even though the servers were all run by Danger/Microsoft and not T-Mobile.”

Even though I’ve criticized T-Mobile in the past, I hope that T-Mobile puts the wood to Microsoft as this is a major screw up on their part. In any case, I encourage you to read the whole story as it really shows how screwed up this situation this is.

It also means that it can only get worse from here.

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