Wind Mobile Launch Plans Leaked…. Again

Trying to find out what Wind Mobile is planning on doing has become some sort of national sport. A tipster on the Mobile Ninjas board has posted launch details that seem really interesting. First, there will only be three plans and they will have the following features:

  • No contracts
  • No System Access Fee
  • No Caller ID or Voice Mail fees
  • No in province Long Distance

No pricing as of yet, so I’ll have to reserve judgment. But on the surface it sounds good. Next is their phone lineup:

  • Blackberry Bold 9700
  • HTC Snap/Dash 3g
  • Huawei U8220
  • There will also be a Samsung slider. Not too sure on the model but it is one with a full slide out keyboard.

Okay, so it’s not a huge phone lineup. But I recall that the phone lineup for Fido wasn’t huge either when it launched in the 90’s. One more detail. All the stores will have Microsoft Surface tables in their stores. I’m sure it’s for the eye candy factor.

All of this seems to be a huge departure from the other “leak” that I reported on previously. I wonder if the previous “leak” was fake as Wind said it was? Or was it an attempt to gauge consumer reaction to their launch plans? I suspect we’ll never get a straight answer to that.

The only detail that’s missing is pricing. If the pricing is good, a lot of people will seriously consider defecting from their current mobile phone company. I know that I would consider doing so.

3 Responses to “Wind Mobile Launch Plans Leaked…. Again”

  1. I would be siked if the had the 9700 @ launch.

  2. If they have the 9700 I’m picking it up ASAP. I was going to set up another contract with Bell for it, but couldn’t find a plan I liked. If these guys are as good as everybody keeps telling me I’ll be a customer within a week of them opening shop.

  3. I really hope they sell standalone SIM cards. I would love to have the Hero or Droid on one of these plans, especially with the unlimited tethering 😀

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