Microsoft Says That Security Essentials Has Found Lots Of Nasty Stuff On Users Computers

Microsoft has an interesting post on their Marware Protection Center blog that seems  Security Essentials is hard at work making the Internet Safer for Windows users. In the process of doing so, they’ve found lots of bad stuff on computers:

Computers reporting detections up to October 6: almost four million detections on 535,752 distinct machines. The detections are eight times the machine count because many computers are infected with multiple threats.

Not that I expected Microsoft to say anything different, but I know from my daily interactions with customers that there’s a lot of bad stuff out there on computers. So this is plausible from my standpoint. Another thing they noted is that Windows XP machines were more likely to be infected than Vista boxes which, in turn, were more infected than Win 7 machines. Read into that what you will.

So, does that make Security Essentials more effective than other anti-virus products? That’s hard to say. My guess is no, but to settle the issue, someone needs to do is to have it go head to head against the usual suspects of AVG, Symantec, McAfee and we’ll see how good it really is. Having said that, I have been installing it lately on some customer’s computers and I have no problems with it at the moment. It’s pretty good for what it is and you can do worse than not trying it (like using nothing at all).

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