Psystar Relases Tool To Allow OS X Installs On PCs…. Um, Ok

I guess Psystar isn’t in enough trouble at the moment because now they’ve guaranteed themselves a world of hurt by releasing a tool to allow PC users to install Snow Leopard:

Available today, Rebel EFI allows machines with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 or Xeon Nehalem CPUs to install any modern operating system, including Mac’s newest release of OS X. Users would simply download the new software from, burn it onto a CD and follow the onscreen instructions to easily install the OS.

Gee. What could possibly go wrong with releasing a tool like that? Besides the legal issues, the tool may not work with your PC. Although Psystar has you covered on the latter:

In conjunction with this software release, Psystar will begin the Psystar Labs approval program. Users who are having difficulties getting a specific device to work correctly on their machines would send in their component to have it certified. The most common hardware set-ups are compatible, and through PsyLabs we will continue to work toward the Rebel EFI supporting an ever-broader range of hardware profiles.

Anyone want to place bets on how long it will take for Apple to file something in court over this? After all, this is just Psystar’s latest attempt to legitimize the theft of other people’s intellectual property. It’s sad. And soon it’ll all come to an end. Because they are going to get bombed out of existence by the iLawyers shortly.

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  1. If I had any Intel based machines, aside from my Mac, I would try it. I am all AMD here.

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