Does Linus Torvalds Likes Windows 7?

The Interwebs are all a buzz today over a picture of Linus Torvalds who is best known for starting the development of the LINUX kernel posing for a picture in front of a Windows 7 display in Japan and giving a thumbs up.

So does the de facto father of LINUX love Windows 7? I doubt it. So does the guy who wrote the above article:

Do I actually believe Linus was endorsing Windows 7? No, he was in town for the Japan Linux Symposium. But it shows he has a clear sense of humor, understands tolerance, and knows how to lighten up when his Free Software counterparts are frothing at the mouth during one of the most important software launch days in Microsoft’s history.

Oh, it may be of interest that this display was across the street from a LINUX Symposium that Torvalds was attending. I guess Microsoft wanted to crash the party. Still, it’s enough of a story that a Google search shows how much digital ink is being dedicated to this topic today.

I can’t wait to hear his side of this.

2 Responses to “Does Linus Torvalds Likes Windows 7?”

  1. It is entirely possible that Linus has already explored Windows 7 and considers the improvements or lack thereof to be beneficial for the long-term future of Linux. As someone who’s recently experienced his first BSoD while using Vista last week, I can honestly say that Windows is full of surprises!

  2. You know, it is a well known fact that Linus loves Apple hardware. I could see him using Mac OSX before Windows, in secret 🙂

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