Belkin Recalls Tunebase Over Fire Hazard

This personally affects me, so I figured that I pass it along in case you’re affected too. Belkin has announced a global recall of its TuneBase Direct with Hands-Free, TuneBase FM with Hands-Free, and TuneBase FM with ClearScan. The devices are used in cars to connect iPods to car stereos either via a free FM channel or by a cable for music playback or to connect to iPhones for hands-free phone reception. Apparently these devices have the potential of catching fire inside your car. This is what Belkin had to say about the issue:

Belkin has identified that a component of the TuneBase, the washer, can cause an electrical short circuit when plugged into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter. The washer is a circular, black, plastic unit situated at the tip of the TuneBase’s cigarette lighter adapter. After a rigorous investigation, Belkin has determined that under certain conditions of heat, humidity and prolonged periods of power-on (e.g. when the TuneBase is left plugged in overnight), some units with the washer have shown potential to pose a risk of fire.

While we believe this issue may be isolated to a limited number of units produced with this washer, Belkin places the safety of our consumers ahead of all other considerations and is recalling all TuneBase products purchased by consumers on or after April 1, 2009.

If you have one of the above, check for the following model numbers: F8Z441, F8Z442, F8Z176, F8Z441ea, F8Z442ea and F8Z176eaBL. If you bought them between April 1, 2009 and the end of October, STOP USING IT NOW. Then go to this website to start the process of getting a new now.

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