New Marware Exploits Jailbroken iPhones

If you thought having your Jailbroken iPhone Rickrolled was the wost thing that could happen to you, think again. Security firm Intego has found a piece of marware that will allow hackers to access personal information stored on certain jailbroken iPhones. Oh if you have an iPod Touch and you’ve jailbroken that, you’re in trouble too. The marware works by being installed onto a computer and then scanning the computer’s network to find vulnerable iPhones:

This hacker tool could easily be installed, for example, on a computer on display in a retail store, which could then scan all iPhones that pass within the reach of its network. Or, a hacker could sit in an Internet café and let his computer scan all iPhones that come within the range of the wifi network in search of data. Hackers could even install this tool on their own iPhones, and use it to scan for jailbroken phones as they go about their daily business.

Lovely. The best way to defend yourself against this is to change the root password of your jailbroken iPhone. An even better defense is to not jailbreak it in the first place. Why? Here’s why:

We would like to stress that users who jailbreak their iPhones are exposing themselves to known vulnerabilities that are being exploited by code that is circulating in the wild. While the number of iPhones attacked may be minimal, the amount of personal data that can be compromised strongly suggests that iPhone users should stick with their stock configuration and not jailbreak their devices.

You’ve been warned.

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