If You Need RAM For Your Computer, I’d Get It Now

Why would I have a title like that? Simple, if you buy into what PC Magazine is saying, there’s going to be a serious RAM shortage which will cause prices to rise:

“DRAM will likely face a serious shortage in 2H10 triggered by the hot PC sales,” DRAMeXchange said. “The DRAM price decline will likely be eased in 2Q10. That is, DRAM vendors will have a great opportunity to remain in profit for the whole year.” Top U.S. memory chipmaker Micron on Tuesday delivered its first quarterly profit in nearly three years as rising prices lifted sales beyond expectations.

So this would be a really good time to throw some cash at a RAM upgrade. I for one will be upping my MacBook Pro to 8GB in the next little while as that would max the computer out. After all, it is better to have too much RAM rather than not enough.

Having said that, one has to wonder if consumers are being fleeced. Hmmm….

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