Palm Announces Two New Handhelds And More [UPDATED]

Since the WebOS revolution began over at Palm, they’ve release two devices. The Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. You can add two new devices to that list. Palm announced the Palm Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus today at CES. I’ll start with the Pixi Plus. It’s basically the Pixi with WiFi from what I can tell. Yawn. However the Pre Plus is far more interesting. It has 16GB of RAM (the original had 8GB), a standard induction cover for Touchstone charging (it was an option before), and no navigation button on the front panel. A new feature that both smart phones have is the ability to be used as a mobile hotspot for up to five devices that want to surf the Internet. If you use that feature, make sure you have a great data plan or it will get expensive in a hurry. In any case, both phones are coming exclusively to Verizon at the end of the month, no word on international carriers for these phones.

Palm also announced WebOS 1.4 which will have video capture, edit and sharing capabilities. Good, but this news is better. Flash 10 support is coming to WebOS (iPhone users take note). Expect WebOS 1.4 to hit the streets in February.

There’s also going to be 3D games available for the Pre (sorry Pixi users, you’re out of luck) from companies such as EA available soon. From the brief shots that I saw on the web feed I was watching, they look very iPhone like.

Finally, developers who want to make WebOS apps can get to work right away according to Palm:

The Palm developer program is designed to promote a thriving environment for all developers to create, distribute, promote and monetize the delivery of valuable applications to Palm customers. It extends the unique web orientation of Palm webOS, providing innovative opportunities for developers to grow their businesses by leveraging the web as a promotional channel for applications.

Each element of the Palm developer program is designed to help developers promote their work and ultimately drive application sales and downloads. Developers receive a 70/30 split (developer/Palm) of gross revenues generated through sales (after applicable taxes).

Sounds interesting. We’ll see how many people take them up on that offer.

IMHO, the biggest news here is impending Flash 10 support. Seeing as the iPhone and the iPod Touch don’t have Flash 10 support, that’s sure to get the attention of somebody in Cupertino CA.

UPDATE: A press release about Verizon getting Palm smart phones has just appeared.

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