McAfee Offers To Pay For PC Repairs After False Positive Fiasco

I’m guessing that the blowback from McAfee’s recent disaster with a recent update to their anti virus product that caused damage to Windows XP SP3 computers must have been so big that they have decided to do this if their support staff and downloadable tools don’t fix your issue:

If you have already incurred costs to repair your PC as a result of this issue, we’re committed to reimbursing reasonable expenses. Steps to process your reimbursement request will be posted in the next few days. Please check back here in a few days.

Because we value our loyal customers, if your PC was rendered inoperable or severely impaired as a result of the faulty file released you are eligible for a two year extension of your existing McAfee subscription free of charge.

No word on what “reasonable” means, but it should be really interesting to find out their definition of “reasonable.”

While I do think that this is attempt to cover their backsides show some goodwill, I also think that this might be a mistake. Why? They’ve all but admitted that they screwed up (after all, they use the word “faulty” in the link above). That now leaves the door wide open for lawsuits to come flying in their direction. Not to mention that they’re likely not going to reimburse the costs of an IT department who has deployed a McAfee solution to hundreds or thousands of computers that may be affected by this. That’s sure to tick somebody off. I might be wrong, but I doubt it. Expect the lawyers to be at the gates shortly.

The other thing that pops out at me is the fact that they are offering customers who got hit by this a two year extension of their subscription. Great PR for sure, but let’s think about this for a second. If you’re a customer who got hit by this issue, what are the odds that you’ll keep using McAfee products? I would say that that those odds are between slim and none and slim has packed his bags and left town.

Oh by the way, this little problem with McAfee hasn’t been a boon to me. I recommend a few other products that don’t cost my customers a dime and work very well. Which I guess proves that you don’t have to pay to get good protection for your computer.

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