Google Announces Google TV…. Apple Might Want To Take Notes

Google today announced Google TV. I’ll let Google explain what it is:

Google TV is a new experience for television that combines the TV that you already know with the freedom and power of the Internet. With Google Chrome built in, you can access all of your favorite websites and easily move between television and the web. This opens up your TV from a few hundred channels to millions of channels of entertainment across TV and the web. Your television is also no longer confined to showing just video. With the entire Internet in your living room, your TV becomes more than a TV — it can be a photo slideshow viewer, a gaming console, a music player and much more.

Sounds interesting, but here’s where things get cool:

  • Google has partnered with Intel, which is providing its Atom processor to power the Google TV offerings.
  • Logitech and Sony will have hardware in the form of stand alone boxes, TVs and, Blu-Ray players that have Google TV built in.
  • DISH Network will build in Google TV hardware into their DVRs
  • It’s Android based, so Android apps will work with minor changes (if any changes are required at all).

That’s a pretty wide net. It should get more traction than Apple TV which compared to Google TV doesn’t seem nearly as interesting given that it has a limited feature set serving as a hub for music, video, and photo content, as well as access to the iTunes Store.. Perhaps Apple should rethink Apple TV to compete against Google TV or kill the product as I can’t see how it can compete in it’s present form.

Here’s a video that will give you a better idea of what Google TV is all about:

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