Here We Go Again… India Threatens RIM, Google And Skype With Ban If They Can’t Snoop

I really thought that this circus with the Indian Government demanding that it have the ability to spy on Blackberry users was over. But then I read this PC World story where they’re not only starting up that circus again, but now they’ve tossed Google and Skype into this:

Skype and the BlackBerry service could face a ban in India if they do not comply within 15 days, according to reports in The Economic Times, and The Hindu Business Line. A similar notice is also being sent to Google asking it to provide access to content on Gmail in a readable format.

Their logic is that terrorists use these tools to plan and execute attacks, so they need access to them to stop terror attacks. Sorry, but that’s just flawed. It’s like saying that bank robbers usually escape in cars so maybe to cut down on the number of bank robberies we should ban cars unless the authorities aren’t given complete control of the cars. The Indian authorities really need to get a clue here and reconsider this. Not only for the reason that this is dumb, but for the fact that the terrorists have won if they go ahead with this.

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