I Am The Proud New Owner Of A BlackBerry Bold 9700

So… With Android phones and even the iPhone 4 out there, why did I get a BlackBerry Bold 9700? Simple:

  1. It’s Canadian… Eh?: Research In Motion is Canadian. I like to support companies from Canada where possible or buy stuff that is made by Canadians.
  2. It has a very good keyboard: Sorry iPhone users. A real keyboard is better than a virtual one on a touchscreen. No question.
  3. You can use a Blackberry one handed: Another minus for the iPhone. You need two hands to use it. Not so for the Blackberry.
  4. The BlackBerry has a removable battery: Many other smartphones do as well. But the iPhone doesn’t to make it look cool. When you have to replace it and you have to take it to the Apple Store to do it, I’m willing to bet that it won’t be cool anymore.
  5. I can stick a MicroSD card into my BlackBerry: By contrast whatever memory comes with your iPhone, you’re stuck with it.
  6. E-mail is bulletproof and extremely functional: When it comes to email, the BlackBerry is head and shoulders above the iPhone and many other smart phones. If email is your primary task, the BlackBerry rules.
  7. The BlackBerry will survive a drop: I’ve had many of my customers kill their shiny Steve Jobs approved phones with one drop. I have NEVER killed a BlackBerry and out of the 5 BlackBerry devices that I’ve used, I’m dropped them numerous times.
  8. BlackBerry Messenger: It’s easy to use and it’s secure. So secure in fact that some governments want to ban it because they can’t see what their citizens are doing with it. That’s good enough for me as a love something that is so secure that it scares governments. Oh yeah, you can’t get this on the iPhone.
  9. I can update it to BlackBerry OS 6 which a little birdy told me is coming very soon. Perhaps by the end of the month. Sweet!

I have to admit was enticed by the shiny iPhone 4 (not that I could get one to save my life if I wanted one) and I took a hard look at various Android phones. But the end of the day, I went back to BlackBerry. You might say that once you go BlackBerry, you never go back.


2 Responses to “I Am The Proud New Owner Of A BlackBerry Bold 9700”

  1. Re: one handed. I use my iPhone one handed all the time. Perhaps that is just because I am a superior left handed person, but it can be done. All of your other points are valid though ๐Ÿ™‚

    You missed one point in favour of the iPhone: The Steve commandeth that you should have one. And the next one. And the next one ๐Ÿ™‚

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