iPhone Users Get Laid More Often… Oh Really?

Being a BlackBerry user, I really view this with a grain of salt. But I on the suggestion of a frequent reader of this blog, I’m posting this anyway. According to OK Cupid (via News.com), iPhone users have more sex:

For this analysis of 30-year-olds with smartphones suggested that women with iPhones had an average of 12.3 sexual partners (I am sure the 0.3 knows exactly who he is), while their age-equivalents who had opted to put an Android into their purse scored a mere 6.1.

(It was 8.8 for the BlackBerry owners, but some might feel these more businessy types would most likely be having sex while still on their BlackBerrys, so that hardly counts.)

For men, the disparity was only slightly more narrow, which perhaps merely reflected a proportionate reduction in the width of their minds. Interestingly, though, Android-owning men seem to have exactly the same amount of sex as Android-owning women. This might suggest a mutual focus on more important things. Like reruns of Battlestar Galactica and Benny Hill.

As stated above, I have a BlackBerry. I’m sure that if I wasn’t married, I could score notches on my bedpost as easily as I did when I was in university. But seriously, what does a study like this really mean? Besides doesn’t everybody inflate the number of sexual partners that they have? Oh yeah, what does “The Steve” think of this?


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  1. The Steve does not have time to think about this, he is having too much sex 🙂 I actually bet this was brought to his attention and he laughed. How could he not?

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