It’s Official! India Wants Access To Google And Skype

They said they were going to do it. Now it’s happening. India wants to get access to Google and Skype. Not only that, they want access to VPNs too and more:

“The ministry of home affairs has made it clear that any communication through the telecom networks should be accessible to the law enforcement agencies and all telecom service providers including third parties have to comply with this,” an official told the Times of India.

“Any company with a telecoms network should be accessible,” an Indian Home Ministry official told the BBC. “It could be Google or Skype, but anyone operating in India will have to provide data.”

Demanding access to all the corporate VPNs is a great way to make companies more skittish about outsourcing to India. You can bet that once companies start pulling the plug on doing business with these clowns, they’ll pull this stupidity off the table. Besides, anybody they really want to catch won’t be using these technologies now that they know that they could potentially be watched.

Great going India.

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