FCC Investigates Google Over Street View

Google really must really wish that it never came up Street View seeing how many investigations have been initiated over this product. The latest to investigate Google is the FCC:

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is looking into Google Inc.’s “Street View” maps service, to see if the company’s collection of e-mails and other private information violated federal laws.

The FCC probe underscores the multiple investigations still faced by Google for data collected by its cars photographing streets around the world, despite a decision by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to drop its probe last month.

Google has some real problems here with privacy much like Facebook. Both companies can’t seem to stay out of trouble when it comes to privacy. But Google seems to attract more attention. I’m guessing that it has something to do with the fact that they’re the biggest guy on the block right now. That requires them to put more effort to stay out of trouble. Hopefully they learn that fact and do something to make themselves less of a target.

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