Canadian Government’s Decision On Wind Mobile Overturned… That Sucks

In a stunning turn of events, the much welcomed decision by the Canadian Government to reverse the decision to keep Wind Mobile out of the Canadian marketplace that was made by the CRTC, has been overturned by a federal Court:

On Friday, Federal Court Justice Roger Hughes found Ottawa’s move was based on “errors of law” and ruled it null and void. He also ordered a 45-day stay in the ruling, meaning the company has time to appeal and continue to operate in the interim.

Clearly, Wind Mobile was not happy with this decision:
“We are very disappointed with this decision,” Globalive chairman Anthony Lacavera said. “We are examining our options but this is not over yet. We don’t intend to back down.”
The Canadian Government was also not happy with this:

Industry Minister Tony Clement said the government is studying the ruling and examining its options. “Our [government] stands with consumers who want more competition,” he said in a tweet.

Later, Clement commented on the decision in an interview to air Saturday on CBC Radio’s The House.

“I’ll be studying the decision and reviewing our options, but … our government still believes very strongly that we should be on the side of consumers, and what consumers want is more choice,” Clement told host Kathleen Petty.

Clement said the case came down to the fact the wireless auction that Globalive bid on was for Canadian companies only, and the CRTC had decided it had too much foreign ownership due to its Egyptian investment. The cabinet overturned the CRTC, and the federal court struck down the cabinet’s decision Friday.

“Globalive, cabinet decided, was Canadian enough to participate in the auction. And so that’s the decision we have to, in terms of the Federal Court decision, have to decide whether to appeal their judgment that we were wrong in that regard.”

This sucks. Canada needs more competition in the telco marketplace, not less. The big three (meaning Bell, Rogers, Telus) don’t innovate, nor do they offer the best value for Canadians hard earned dollars. And this holds true for wireless, Internet, or wireline telephone. I seriously don’t think that Canadians would care less if a company who could deliver the best value for Canadians were foreign owned or not. I urge the Canadian government to appeal this decision, and when they’re done with that they should kill off the CRTC once and for all as the CRTC does absolutely nothing to bring value to the marketplace. Instead it seems that the only reason why the CRTC exists is to protect the interests of the big three telcos.

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