The CRTC Wants To Hear From Canadians About Usage Based Billing…. Be Nice Please

The CRTC announced today that after that they want to hear from Canadians in regards to usage based billing:

The announcement on Tuesday opened a consultation process whereby citizens and interested parties can submit comments up until April 29. Mr. [Konrad] von Finckenstein reiterated in the release today that he does not feel that average Internet users – who download only light amounts – should “fund the bandwidth used by the heaviest residential Internet consumers.”

The thing is, it may not matter:

“I’d like to be clear … regardless of the outcome of the CRTC review, under a Conservative government, this ruling will not be implemented,” Mr. [Tony] Clement told reporters Thursday after Mr. von Finckenstein’s appearance.

So, my advice would be to send a message to the CRTC. Details are available here. Please try not to call Konrad von Finckenstein names, even though he likely deserves it given the contempt that he’s shown Canadian Internet users.

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  1. I’ll submit my comments to the CRTC, but it really is likely all to make it ‘look’ like they’re taking the public opinion into account.

    The last time comments were submitted on UBB, they wrote (in CRTC 2010-255) they received “a large number of comments, mostly from individuals, that almost unanimously opposed the Bell companies’ applications” and the CRTC then proceeded to say nothing more about those comments, ignore them and act as though they were Bell’s fairy godmother…

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