Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Now Available

Running a Windows 7 computer? You might want to run Windows Update because Service Pack 1 is now available. Now you can download the entire service pack which weighs in at almost 2GB. But I recommend simply running Windows Update which will get you a version that is ailored to your machine (and taking up a lot less space). Now you shouldn’t be expecting anything Earth shattering in this service pack. Besides the usual bug fixes and security fixes, you’ll get two new technologies called Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX. The former is described this way:

An enhancement to Hyper-V R2, Dynamic Memory pools all the memory available on a physical host. Dynamic Memory then dynamically distributes available memory, as it is needed, to virtual machines running on that host. Then with Dynamic Memory Balancing, virtual machines will be able to receive new memory allocations, based on changes in workload, without a service interruption. In short, Dynamic Memory is exactly what it’s named.

The latter is described this way:

RemoteFX is an exciting technology that lets you virtualize the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) on the server side and deliver next-generation rich media and 3D user experiences for VDI. RemoteFX is also enabling new low cost ultra-thin client devices to enter the market. Together, these technologies will drive down the end-point cost and reduce endpoint power consumption to as little as a few watts.

I updated my Windows 7 machine and it much as I expected, nothing Earth shattering here. But that isn’t a bad thing as an update like this going bad would be bad for Microsoft. You might want to wait a few days before updating, but ensure that you have a backup before you do just to be on the safe side.

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