Hey IT Nerd? Can I Get A Better Deal When It Comes To Internet Access In Canada?

Since the crapstorm over usage based billing happened here in Canada, I’ve gotten quite a few e-mails from Canadian Internet users asking me if they can get a better deal for Internet access. The answer is that it depends on whom you’re with. If you’re with Rogers, Bell, or Telus, you can get a better deal elsewhere. I’ll use Bell for my example. Lets say that you want a DSL based Internet package that gives you speeds of up to 6 Mbps. No problem. Bell can hook you up for $31.95 a month. But there’s a couple of gotchas. First, this price is only available as part of a bundle. Second, you’re capped at 25GB a month.

Now compare that to DSL based reseller Teksavvy. With them you’ve got two choices. You can pay the same $31.95 a month and you’ll get 5Mbps rather that 6 Mbps, but that’s where the bad news ends. You’re capped at 300GB a month, not 25GB. Sounds much more reasonable to me. But if 300GB isn’t enough for you, there’s always unlimited for $8 more.

A couple of things I should point out :

  • You can’t go any faster than 5 Mbps with DSL resellers. I guess that has something to do with the fact that the incumbent telcos won’t play nice with resellers, but who really cares if you get more Internet access for the same money?
  • There are other DSL resellers that have their own deals. Acanac for example has their own deals you might want to look at.
  • Generally, DSL resellers don’t require you to bundle services to get the best deal.

The bottom line is that there are better deals when it comes to Internet access to be had for Canadians. If you’re with the big three telcos, whip out your bills and compare them to what you could get elsewhere. I’m certain that you will find a better deal.


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  1. Further, what would be the benefit of having a (slightly) higher speed with Bell/Rogers and having such a low cap? You’d just reach your really, really low cap even more quickly and then hand over more money for going over your cap. Then you’re stuck with a contract and can’t leave without handing them more money.

    I left Rogers for TekSavvy when they lowered my grandfathered cap from 60GB/month to 25GB (the same plan now has 15GB). That told me that didn’t value me as a customer, so I took the hint and left and I’ll never be back to Rogers. The big guys don’t seem to realize when they lose a customer they have most likely lost them for good. The cost to the company per GB is so small – it is absurd that they keep lowering caps and charging so much money per GB.

  2. At work we are using Teksavvy fibre for internet. One of the first things I did when I started was evaluate the internet service. We were on a 7mb plan from Terago wireless. We are now on 10mb fibre (run by Bell managed by Teksavvy) and it is $700 per month less. TSI is keeping a close eye on our usage because we may actually need 100mb, burstable, which is only $300 more per month. Service has been great from TSI. It did take Bell forever to get the fibre in. We ordered in the middle of August, it was lit up Jan 31 and we switched over (after testing) last Friday night.

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