Bell Claims That Usage Based Billing Is Good For Canadians….. WTF?

Clearly Bell is running scared because I was pointed to this page on their website that has all the credibility of the Iraqi Information Minister. Just check out how they argue that usage based billing is good for Canadians:

  • Bell offers retail usage packages from 25 gigabytes (GB) to 75 GB a month. Customers can buy even more at affordable prices – $5 for 40 GB more, $10 for 80 GB, $15 for 120 GB. 
  • That’s a very generous amount of usage – keep in mind that even 60 GB will get you 300 hours of standard definition video streaming or 50 hours of non-stop HD video streaming!
  • Yet average usage on our network is just 16 GB per month and half of our customer base uses just 5 GB a month.

Oh really? This sort of dis-information ignores services like Netflix. But why acknowledge that Canadians want to use services on the Internet that consume bandwidth without the fear that they’re going to get raped ripped off by their telco?

Oh yeah, they also mention this:

Those with an interest in maintaining unlimited Internet access for themselves – that minority of wholesale customers who often download hundreds of gigabytes per month – are eager to confuse regular users of the Internet into believing they will be negatively impacted by usage-based billing for wholesale. But the reality is quite the opposite: If super-heavy downloaders are allowed to keep using up extraordinary amounts of network capacity, we’ll all have to pay more. And that’s just not fair.

They have to be kidding. The reality is that Bell isn’t interested in looking out for the interests of Canadians. The fact is that they want to gouge Internet users in Canada, plain and simple. After all, the costs for bandwidth is dirt cheap to a major telco like Bell. Not that they want you to know how little they pay for bandwidth. But why would they use accurate facts in an argument where they clearly would end up on the losing end of said argument.

To ensure that they lose this argument, Canadians should click here and sign this petition put forward by Liberal MP and ex space shuttle astronaut Marc Garneau or this one put forward by Open Media. Canadians should make it clear that they won’t put up with this sort of nonsense from their telcos.

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