CRTC Announces Usaged Based Billing Hearings…. Perpare For Their Lies

Make your plans for July. That’s when the CRTC plans to hold hearings on the whole usage based billing fiasco:

Canadians will have an opportunity to share their views at a public hearing starting on July 11th in Gatineau, Que. The CRTC will also hold an online consultation. Details of both the hearing and consultation will be announced shortly

Shockingly… Well not really… The CRTC has a gotcha or two in mind:

The CRTC will not be expanding the scope, as requested by several parties, to include the billing practices for retail Internet services. There is no evidence that market forces are not working properly in this unregulated market.

Finally, the CRTC will not review, as was also requested by several parties, the overall regulatory framework for wholesale high-speed Internet access services. The overall framework was not part of the decision that is being reviewed, and it would not be appropriate to initiate such a wide-ranging review within the current proceeding.

Basically, this is one of the CRTC’s attempts to solicit public input and then do whatever they feel like. That’s why it’s vital for Canadians to see through this and keep the pressure up on the Conservative government who have already committed to killing any attempt by the CRTC to go ahead with usage based billing.

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