Internet Explorer 9 Hits The Streets Tonight At Midnight…. Here’s Why You Should Check It Out

If you’ve been waiting for Microsoft’s latest and greatest web browser, you’ll be able to get it tonight at midnight tonight. All you have to do is surf to this website to get your copy. Now why should you download this? Here’s a three good reasons based on my time with a few of the betas and the release candidate:

  • It has a clean and simple layout as well as a interesting UI.
  • It’s faster. In fact, it feels as fast as the current speed champ Chrome.
  • It has HTML5 support. Take that Apple!

There are other reasons such as security, multimedia via DirectX 11 intergration, and add ins that make it worth checking out as well. Just make sure you’re running Windows 7 or Windows Vista. XP users need not apply.

Give it a shot later tonight and post your thoughts about Microsoft’s latest browser below.

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