Canadians Go To The Polls…. Tech Issues Must Be Front And Center

For the fourth time in seven years, Canada is going to have an election thanks to the Liberal, Bloc Quebecois, and NDP political parties passing a non-confidence motion in the House Of Commons which held the ruling Conservative Party in contempt of Parliament because due to a variety of issues. It’s the first time that any government in any Parliamentary democracy anywhere on the planet has ever been found in contempt of Parliament. That’s says something about the ruling party and it should prove to be one of the talking points of this election.

However, there should be some other talking points that should be raised in this election. Take for example the copyright bill. In the past I’ve talked about how this bill isn’t good for Canadians. Fortunately it died when the government died. But now is the time to make sure that the issues that made this bill bad are communicated to every candidate that Canadians come across between now and election day. The same goes for usage based billing. The need for the “big three” telcos in Canada to make as much money as possible should not override the fact that it pretty much kill choice and innovation in the Canadian Internet space. Industry Minister Tony Clement of the Conservatives understood that. Now it’s time to make sure that every other politician gets that too.

While we’re at it, Canadians should also let their politicians know that Canada needs a much more competitive landscape when it comes to telco services. Even if it means that Canada opens up the playing field to foreign players. Contrary to what the “big three” telcos would say, that would be a good thing as it would give consumers more choice at lower prices. Finally, politicians need to hear that the CRTC needs to die a quick death as it no longer protects the interests of Canadians. Unfortunately, petitions like this one won’t get the job done.

So Canada when those politicians come knocking on your door looking for your vote, make sure that you tell them that these issues matter to you. Thus if they are willing to support choice, innovation and a competitive landscape for telco services, Government bodies that look out for Canadians rather than thumb their noses at them, and a better approach to Internet access in Canada, then they’re likely to get your vote. Because if you care about these issues, now is the best time to make sure that they get addressed.

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