Review: Acer Liquid MT Smartphone – The Wrap Up

So I’ve spent the last week with the Acer Liquid MT smartphone (click here to read my previous reports) and here are my final thoughts. This is a nice phone that has a nice feel to it, not to mention that it has a decent suite of software installed on it. The web browser has Flash support which gives you a great web browsing experience. The camera is pretty decent for still and video as well. The screen is visually impressive, but the audio quality of the phone is only average at best.

So would I buy it? I think it would make my list of phones to consider. But whether I would buy it or not really depends on what it has to compete against. Some of the Sony Xperia phones for example may come out ahead of this phone. That doesn’t mean that this is a bad phone. It’s not.

Bottom line. Those in the market for an Android phone should put this phone on their shopping list.

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