Hey IT Nerd, What Do You Mean When You Said “Crappy” Linksys Routers?

It seems that this statement by me yesterday in my review of the Apple Airport Extreme has generated a bit of controversy:

I needed to replace my wireless router after having dealt with two rather crappy Linksys routers.

I got several e-mails from people asking what I meant by that. Simple. I have owned two Linksys routers. The WRT-330N and the WRT-310N. Both of them have a fatal flaw. They have the tendency to lock up so that there’s limited network connectivity, no Internet access, or both. A simple Google search finds all sorts of reports of this. I got tired of rebooting my router multiple times a day and I didn’t really trust Linksys enough to give them a third try. Thus, Apple got my money. So far, I have not had a single lockup with the Airport Extreme. Not one.

Granted I’m not a telco or a Fortune 500 business, I’m a SOHO user. That doesn’t mean that I deserve to have substandard products offered to me. While one bad product can be considered a fluke. Two products with exactly the same issue is however a pattern. And that pattern that is inexcusable. Thus I used the word “crappy” in my review. Because in my opinion, I have had two crappy Linksys products. Linksys needs to understand that. So do their corporate masters at Cisco as negative news like this tends to travel fast.

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