Gamers Crash Playstation Network [UPDATE]

Can it get any worse for Sony. After restarting the Playstation Network yesterday, the network promptly crashed:

Users logging on again for the first time are – unsurprisingly – asked to re-set their passwords, before being sent email confirmation of their new credentials. However, the sheer numbers of users trying to re-set meant that confirmation emails were flooding the ISPs, who were then throttling the email traffic – meaning that users were waiting quite a while for their confirmations, according to Sony. Meanwhile the huge numbers of users trying to log on at the same time caused sufficient chaos that the network had to be turned off  for 30 minutes at a time to allow the admin servers time to catch up with demand.

Logic says that after a month of no online gaming, that there would be pent up demand. That would lead to high traffic levels and thus any sensible human who was in charge of a network like this would beef things up. Clearly, Sony didn’t think of this and are now getting more bad press as a result.

Sucks to be them.

UPDATE: To add to the fun, Japan isn’t giving the the green light to a Playstation Network restart until they can prove that their security issues are solved.

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