2000 Canadians May Have Been Victims Of Another Sony Data Breach

Gee. You have to wonder if Sony is actually capable of keeping your personal data private. This time 2000 Canadians are asking that question as Sony Ericsson is admitting to another data breach that makes you think of the Playstation Network hack:

A Sony spokesman said customers names, email and encrypted passwords may have been taken from a company website. Atsuo Omagari said no credit card information was taken.

Sony Ericsson is a mobile phone joint venture between L.M. Ericsson of Sweden and Sony.

The breach was discovered Tuesday, and there are no reports of damage from the breach.

Lovely. At least they got the news out quickly. But you’ll have to excuse me as my trust level with this company plummets as events like these keep happening. Sony really needs to step up and detail how they plan on securing their customer’s information so that customers actually have confidence in them. Otherwise, they may not have customers.

So, how about it Sony?

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