Review: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – Part 3 [UPDATED]

I was going to test the camera today, but I didn’t get around to it because of a couple of client related issues that took most of my day. I’ll do that tomorrow. Instead, let me cover a bunch of observations. First of all, the overall build quality is top shelf. It doesn’t feel cheap in any way. The only exception is the back cover which feels kind of flimsy. It is a bit glossy so you can fully expect to be wiping off fingerprints constantly. The battery life is a mixed bag. I got a day by only using it lightly. Play a couple of YouTube videos and you can expect that battery life to plummet. Strangely, gaming didn’t have that much of an effect on battery life. That’s not what I was expecting so it was a pleasant surprise.

How about the screen you ask? It’s a pretty decent screen but it seems dim to me. And I got that impression with the screen brightness cranked up to the max. Two things I noticed are that the screen didn’t have an ambient light sensor like the iPhone. The second is that the rotating the phone into landscape mode works inside applications like e-mail and YouTube, but it doesn’t work on the home screen. I can’t recall if this is different by the iPhone. Perhaps an iPhone user can tell me if that’s the case or not.

Finally, there’s the actual call quality. I would say it’s good. I did have to speak up when using the speakerphone though. That’s something that I don’t have to do with my Blackberry. But it was better than the Acer Liquid MT phone that I tested not to long ago.

One thing that I did discover is that the camera is 5.0 megapixels. Not the highest I’ve seen, but we’ll see how that translates in the real world tomorrow.

UPDATE: An iPhone user let me know that home screen on the iPhone 4 rotates when you rotate from portrait to landscape.

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