Review: Blackberry Bold 9780 – Part 5

So here’s the 411 on the video and still camera on the Blackberry 9780. I went to my usual place to test cameras which is the Zoo in Toronto’s High Park and got one still picture and one video. First the still picture:

It’s a 5 megapixel camera, and I found the image quality to be pretty good. I don’t think you would have any complaints with anything you took. Next is the video. It shoots video in 640X480 resolution. That’s a #fail. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we live in an age of 720p video. Thus if a camera doesn’t do 720p video, it sticks out like a politician who posts pictures of his junk on Twitter. So 640×480 video is really lame. In any case, here’s the video:

I know this is aimed as corporate device, but RIM has to do a better job with video. The above video shows that they’re really behind the times.

So, let me wrap up this review. By Blackberry standards, this is a great smartphone. I’m impressed by it. However it isn’t going to scare the iPhone 4 in any way shape or form. But that doesn’t make it a bad phone. It’s a solid piece of kit and worth your consideration if you’re looking for a smartphone with a keyboard. The other thing I was reviewing was the Bell HSPA network. In my unscientific comparison to the Rogers network, it seems speedy and I didn’t have any problems with coverage. I was impressed by that. The only thing is that it took a Bell reseller to introduce me to the Bell HSPA network and not Bell themselves. Given my previous history with Bell, I shouldn’t be shocked by that. But they could have easily stepped up and done this themselves. Much like the video abilities of the Blackberry 9780, that’s a #fail.

So would I recommend this phone? If you’re a Blackberry user or you want a solid smartphone and you’re not impressed by the bells and whistles of the iPhone, take a look at the 9780. You should also take a look at Bell’s HSPA network. Clearly they spent some cash on it and it shows. It’s an alternative for those of you who want a choice in terms of their cellular network.

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