Carol Bartz Fired By Yahoo…. And She’s Pissed!!

Yahoo decided to fire it’s CEO Carol Bartz a few days ago. Here’s a bunch of reasons why this has got my attention:

  • First, according to this story, she was fired over the phone. I have to admit that firing someone by telephone is classless. I don’t care what sort of issues exist. If you’re going to fire someone, do it face to face.
  • Second, she then went on a bit of a rant about her firing telling Fortune “These people fucked me over.” Ouch. But there’s more. She also said “The board was so spooked by being cast as the worst board in the country. Now they’re trying to show that they’re not the doofuses that they are.” She’s not bitter at all is she? If you want to read the rest, click here.

You can fully expect this story to stay in the news for awhile. I truly hope so. This is one hell of a pissing contest that’s worth watching.

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