Review: Rogers LTE Network – Part 1: The Modem

Recently, Rogers launched their LTE Network in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The big deal about LTE that it is the top of the food chain when it comes to wireless Internet access. The speeds that you can expect to see are up to 75 Mbps downstream. I was itching to give this new LTE network a try and Rogers obliged by sending me a Sierra Wireless Aircard 313U USB modem. Now, installation of the modem is dead easy. On my Mac I simply plugged it into a free USB port, it then prompted me to install some software which was resident on the device, and reboot. Done. Finished. Easy. After the reboot, I connected to the Rogers network using their connection manager and the first thing that I did was go to to see how fast I was going. Here’s what I got:

Okay. I’m not getting 75 Mbps. But this is way faster than my DSL connection. I’m testing this in my home office in the west end of Toronto. I’ll be going around the city over the next few days to see if my speed changes as well as to test Rogers coverage. I did a bunch of other common tasks such as grab my e-mail, watch a TV show online, and play a couple of rounds of Team Fortress 2. No slow speeds here.

Back to the modem. One of the things I like about this modem is that it has a MicroSD slot. That way you can stick a 16 or 32GB MicroSD card and get some storage as well. Cool feature.

So, so far I am impressed by what I see. The question is, will the network live up to the hype. Tune in tomorrow for a test from Oakville, Mississauga, and Brampton. Will I get faster speeds? Will I get LTE coverage? You’ll have to check back to see.

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  1. Hi.
    I am checking you page since you added your last entry and exited to know what would be the result in Mississauga.

    • You won’t get much coverage in Mississauga. While my tests aren’t scientific, Dixie Rd. seems to be the point where you lose LTE coverage. So if you’re east of Dixie road, I’d say that you can take your chances. If you’re west of there, forget it.

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