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Rogers Is The Target Of An Email #Scam…. And It’s Pretty Lame

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I have to say that this phishing email which was brought to my attention by a reader of this blog is one of the worst phishing emails that I have even seen. This specific one is aimed at Rogers customers and here it is (click to enlarge):

Let’s dive in. It’s playing on the fact that Internet Explorer 8, or “the old version (IE) 8” is not supported anymore, and it’s trying to get you to upgrade your browser by logging into their phishing site using your Rogers ID. It tries to get you to do this by saying that you have 48 hours to do so. Otherwise your access to your account will be “restricted”. Creating a sense of urgency is a common tactic in phishing emails of this type.

Where this email falls off the credibility cliff is that it says this:

Protecting your information is important to us and we work continuously to strengthen our security against the threats targeting our Financial Institution.

Umm…. While Rogers does own a bank, this is targeted at their Internet users and not their bank customers. So it’s as if the rocket scientist behind this scam couldn’t decide what they were targeting, or they didn’t sweat the details.

But just for fun, I decided to go down the rabbit hole to see what their phishing website looks like. And here it is:

You’ll note that at the top, the URL or website address doesn’t go to Rogers. It goes to Which means someone set up a website on the Square platform to pull this scam off. Though the existence of this site may be short lived as I’ve informed Square about this and I suspect that it will be taken down shortly. The next thing that you’ll notice is that I entered some text in the email account and password section. Another hint that this is a scam is that the password is not not masked, as in you can see it in plain text which is not how passwords fields work. I suspect that this is the case because clearly the scammers behind this are too stupid to know how to do that. But just for fun, I pressed next and got this:

At this point you are pwned, and the scammers are going to take over your email along with whatever websites are associated with that email. Be it bank accounts, Amazon, whatever. The thing is, this is one of the most poorly executed phishing scams that I have seen in years. While I am sure that most people would never fall for this, there are some that will. However, the fact that I am publishing this will mean that even less will fall for it. And now that I’ve alerted both Rogers and Square about this, nobody will be falling for this. In the meantime if you get an email like this, delete it and move on with your life.

Hopefully you’ve learned something from this. Even though this scam is pretty lame, dissecting how this scam works will help you to avoid more “interesting” ones.

Rogers Has An Ongoing Outage In Hamilton… And Customers Are Mad

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The bad news for Rogers is that they have another outage that they have to deal with. This one is in Hamilton:

From what I have been able to figure out, the fire caused a fibre line to be cut near their office on Hamilton Mountain which took out Rogers services. But as you’d expect, Rogers customers are not happy:

Rogers is in a place where anything that goes wrong with their services is going to result in outrage and customers leaving. And the fact that it my or may not be their direct fault doesn’t matter. It truly sucks to be them and I have to wonder how wonder how many more hits they can take.

UPDATE: Rogers has posted this earlier this afternoon:

So it looks like they are making progress.

Rogers Hires Lisa LaFlamme… No Seriously They Did

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In a move that would be applauded by many Rogers Sports and Media has announced that they have hired Lisa LaFlamme who was fired by Bell Media, who then promptly then mishandled the situation in epic fashion. You can read the full saga here. LaFlamme will cover the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II as a special correspondent for CityNews, and make appearances for Breakfast Television as well.

The cynic in me says that this move was opportunistic to both get some positive press for Rogers, as well as to pile onto Bell’s complete mishandling of this situation. But I am also happy for LaFlamme as she was royally (pun intended) screwed over by Bell Media. And I imagine that many in the public are happy as well.

I wonder what the suits at Bell Media must be thinking.

Rogers Tries To Match Bell With 8 Gbps Service…. When Customers Will Actually Get It Is Anyone’s Guess

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You might recall that Bell not too long ago announced 8 Gbps service that is due to start rolling out in September. I guess that this was enough to make Rogers freak out and push out 8 Gbps service as well:

Rogers today announced that it is the first major provider in Canada to launch a new Wi-Fi modem with Wi-Fi 6E – the world’s most powerful Wi-Fi technology. Building on the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6E enables multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, ultra-low lag times, and increased capacity for more connections than ever before. Select customers in areas across Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland can now take advantage of the new Wi-Fi modem for the best in-home Wi-Fi experience that will revolutionize how they game, stream and connect, now and in the future.

Now of course there’s a catch. And here it is:

Building on its commitment to deliver the fastest Internet speeds of any major provider in Canada, Rogers premium Ignite Internet with 8 Gbps symmetrical speeds is now available for pre-order. 

Note the words “pre-order”. Rogers in their press release doesn’t say when it will actually be available. Contrast that with Bell who said that their 8 Gbps service will be available in September in Toronto, and elsewhere soon after that. And based on Bell’s previous history, if they say it, they deliver it. Thus this appears to be another “fiber to the press release” type of deal from Rogers where they announce something, but don’t actually put a stake into the ground as to when it will actually be delivered. Thus while this sounds interesting, until it actually rolls out it’s kind of meaningless. But I guess they need a distraction from their July outage related issues. Or their Shaw takeover related issues.

PIAC Calls On CRTC To Release Confidential Details From Rogers Outage Filings

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You know, if Rogers really wanted to regain to the trust of Canadians, they’d just be a whole lot more transparent about what happened in relation to the outage and what they plan to do about it. But as you know, they haven’t been transparent. Instead they’ve redacted a whole lot of their responses to the CRTC.

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) wants to change that. They have called on the CRTC to release confidential information Rogers filed on the July 8th service outage. You can see the filing here. But here’s why they want this information to be made public:

PIAC submits that if Rogers’ customers are to, at least in part, foot the bill for these significant remedial projects, then customers should know what they’re paying for and when to expect results. More detailed explanations of the investment initiatives will also allow the public to comment on whether the claimed investments are effective and proportionate solutions, and to raise questions on whether the stated plans reflect investments that were already planned or necessary prior to the outage. PIAC submits that due to the likelihood that these additional investment costs will be passed down to customers in the form of higher service prices, the public interest in disclosure outweighs any resulting specific direct harms to Rogers. Without more detailed disclosures, Rogers is asking consumers to simply “trust” that the proposed solutions will effectively fix the problem. However, the outage has significantly eroded public trust in Rogers. Keeping important details about the outage from public scrutiny only serves to further erode that trust. Disslosure of the information on the public record is part of the remedy for this loss of trust. Consumers then can see the exact measures Rogers proposes to fix their systems (at least at a high technical level) and can use their own judgment to consider if Rogers’ plans seem to be such a solution and by extension, whether to trust their public statements of network reliability in the future.

PIAC is 100% correct here. Rogers has only given vague promises as part of their attempt to be “committed to Canadians”. Something that has generated a huge amount of blowback because there’s nothing in there that would allow Canadians to hold them accountable for what they promise that they are going to do. The fact that a third party has to go this route to get information that Rogers should be providing by default into public view really illustrates that Rogers has a lot to hide and they aren’t serious about earning back the trust of Canadians.

I don’t expect Rogers to allow this information to see the light of day. And I expect that this will likely end up in court. Which even if Rogers wins, they lose in the court of public opinion because the public will simply think that they have a lot to hide. Which is why I would suggest to Rogers that they just release this information and let the chips fall where they may.

So Much For Being “Committed To Canadians”…. Rogers Goes Down For Many In Ontario And Quebec…. And Shockingly, That’s Not The Bad News For Rogers

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Days after coming out with talking points where Rogers claimed to be “Committed To Canadians” and having said talking points just destroyed by virtually everyone who saw them, there has been another sizeable outage with the troubled telco. Downdetector showed outages for people in Ontario and Quebec yesterday, and the reaction on Twitter was swift and brutal:

The last tweet was especially biting as Rogers social media team really overuses phrases like “outages are the worst” when talking to customers. They really need to stop saying stuff like that as it is patronizing.

In any case, that surprisingly the least of Rogers issues. In a major blow to the troubled telco, the Rogers outage in July is now relevant to Rogers attempt to take over Shaw says the Competition Tribunal:

Canada’s Competition Tribunal has ruled that the Rogers Communications Inc. July 8 service outage is relevant to the upcoming hearings on the telecom giant’s $26-billion takeover of Shaw Communications Inc.

The outage affected millions of Canadians, and to make sure it doesn’t happen again, Rogers is committing $10 billion over three years on network upgrades and will spend $150 million on customer credits.

The ruling comes after Rogers released a commercial last week outlining what it is doing to earn back the trust of Canadians.

And the bad news continues for Rogers. There’s also this bad news for the troubled telco:

In a separate court document filed on Aug. 15 and made available to the public Monday, the tribunal says the proposed sale of Shaw-owned wireless carrier Freedom Mobile to Quebecor Inc.’s Videotron Ltd. is not an “effective remedy” as it “fails to eliminate the substantial lessening and prevention of competition” the transaction could cause.

The suits at One Mount Pleasant which is where Rogers HQ is must really be thinking what else can go wrong for them. Because they’re taking hits on all fronts, and you have to wonder if they can recover from these hits that they’re taking.

Apple TV+ Is Apparently Available On Rogers Ignite TV Boxes

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Early this morning I was tipped off by one of my sources within Rogers that Apple TV+ is now available on Rogers Ignite TV boxes. I asked for proof and got this:

Looking for additional confirmation, I did a search and found this YouTube video with an annoying voice over:

So clearly Rogers has jumped onto the Apple TV+ bandwagon. Though I do not see an official announcement from Rogers (yet). Now their TV boxes can install apps related to third party streaming services as Disney+ and Netflix for example have both been available for a while now. Thus I am not surprised that another streaming service has appeared on their boxes. But given Rogers current problems, you’d think that Rogers would want to announce that Apple TV+ is available on their TV boxes if for no other reason than to distract from the 99 problems that they have.

I suspect that Rogers is rolling this out in phases. So if you see Apple TV+ show up on your Ignite box, please let everyone know by leaving a comment.

UPDATE: My source has also said that Apple TV+ is free for three months. Seeing as there’s no public confirmation from Rogers just yet, I would file this under “to be confirmed”.

UPDATE #2: Rogers is confirming a rollout of Apple TV+ confirming all the details above. Press release here.

The Backlash To Rogers Being “Committed To Canadians” Has Been Swift And Harsh

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This didn’t take long.

I posted a story earlier today about Rogers putting out a video and some talking points to say that they’ve heard you and they will do better. The video ended with Rogers employees saying that they are “Committed To Canadians”. In that story, I said this:

Now all of this is nice. But I have to wonder if Canadians are willing to commit to Rogers as much as Rogers wants to commit to them? 

I also said this:

The point is that if two dozen people who pinged me on this didn’t buy what Rogers was communicating, chances are the public at large isn’t buying this either and this attempt by Rogers to “earn back your trust” to use their words likely has fallen flat.

Well, I think it’s official. Rogers message to the public has fallen flat. First, let me post the tweet that they put out yesterday with the video:

Now let’s read some of the backlash.

And this is the problem that Rogers is facing right now. Nobody is willing to give them a second chance because nobody believes what they are saying. And before anyone says that this is just the Twitterverse raging, it’s not. I’m hearing the same feedback from people who aren’t on Twitter. Which means that Rogers must know that this attempt to make their outage related problems go away has crashed and burned.

If I were in front of Rogers C level execs, here’s what I would be saying: A well edited video, promises of improvements with zero details and timescales that the Canadian public can hold you to, and not explaining why the outage happened in detail and instead appearing to hide behind redacted documents to the CRTC, isn’t going to result in earning back the trust of Canadians. Instead it’s going to drive them to Bell and Telus depending on what’s available in a given area of Canada. Which I suspect is happening now as I type this.

Now if Rogers does explain the outage in detail, if Rogers provides details and timescales as to what Rogers is going to do to make sure that this never happens again, and Rogers shows that Rogers is meeting those timescales, that will begin to earn back the trust that went up in smoke on July 8th. Key word: Begin.

So how about it Rogers? Are you willing to go way outside your comfort zone to earn back the trust of Canadians? Canada is watching what you do next and making their telco decisions accordingly.

Rogers Responds To The CRTC’s Request For More Information…. And A Lot Of Their Responses You Can’t See

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You might recall that Rogers got a letter from the CRTC asking for more information above and beyond what they have already provided in relation to the nationwide outage in July. Rogers asked for a one week extension which ended on Monday. And now the responses are online. You can read all of the responses by downloading this Word document.

But there’s a catch.

A lot of the responses which comprise the ones that you actually want to see are redacted. Yes there’s some information that you can pull from this 31 page document. But the fact that Rogers has chosen to redact information “for competitive reasons” isn’t going to do a whole lot to restore public trust in them as a telco. Thus if I could give Rogers some advice, they need to just come out and say what happened in some degree of detail and what they are going to do about it. Meaning that they have to go above and this. That would help them to win back the trust of Canadians. Because redacting documents like this isn’t going to cut it.

Rogers Says They’re “Committed To Canadians”…. But Are Canadians Committed To Rogers?

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I’ve been musing how Rogers might dig itself out of the July outage that brought the country to a standstill. And what seems to be happening is that Rogers is on a full court press to make the case that they can and will do better. Which is where this post on the Rogers website comes in which was posted yesterday. Let’s start with the video that was posted along with a large amount of verbiage:

Okay…. Rogers says that they’re “committed to Canadians”. That seems almost sincere. Yes that’s sarcasm. But let’s hit the highlights from the post which you can read in full at your leisure:

  • Rogers wants to ensure that 911 services work 100% of the time. That’s something that I always thought was a given until the July outage left people on the Rogers network unable to call 911. Which is the ultimate #Fail if you are a telco.
  • Rogers is going to spend $20 billion on network reliability. I question where they are going to get the cash to do that seeing as that they are having to borrow money to buy Shaw Communications. And they’re going back to their lenders to extend the deadline to get the deal done. So based on that, where are they getting the money to make their network more reliable? Your cable bill perhaps? Seriously, inquiring minds want to know. Also, the cynic in me wonders how bad their network must be for them to feel the need to spend $20 billion. Which is up from the $10 billion that Rogers previously promised to spend. The cynic in me also says that they are just throwing a bigger number out there hoping that it will stick because the last big number that they tossed out there didn’t stick.
  • Rogers touted their 100% Canadian call centres, which is a clear shot at Bell who are known to outsource and offshore their call centres, and via that say that they will deliver the best customer experience to Canadians. That part I will buy into because Rogers has always had a better customer experience than Bell. They also want to increase their customer satisfaction as well. Seeing as that likely took a dive because of the July outage.
  • Rogers then goes on to talk about their charitable work, closing the digital divide etc. All to give you the warm fuzzies.

Now all of this is nice. But I have to wonder if Canadians are willing to commit to Rogers as much as Rogers wants to commit to them? I say that because I was tipped off to this post by a mix of readers of this blog and clients of mine. And 100% of them didn’t believe a word that was being communicated in this post. They just see it as damage control with the more cynical suggesting that Rogers was grasping at straws because customers were likely fleeing for the competition en masse because of the July outage. I have no inside information to confirm or deny that. But I for one will be extremely interested to see what their churn rate is for the current quarter as that will tell all.

I’m digressing here.

The point is that if two dozen people who pinged me on this didn’t buy what Rogers was communicating, chances are the public at large isn’t buying this either and this attempt by Rogers to “earn back your trust” to use their words likely has fallen flat. And that’s going to be a huge problem for this troubled telco as it tries to rebuild what’s left of their reputation.

It sucks to be Rogers right now.