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There’s One Other Thing To Note From Rogers Announcement Today….

Posted in Commentary with tags on June 12, 2019 by itnerd

Earlier today, Rogers announced their Infinite wireless plans which have understandably gotten a lot of attention. But there was one other detail that might have flown under the radar. From their press release:

Later this summer, Rogers Infinite plans will also include new device financing options so customers can purchase any device they want at $0, any day of the year. Once their device is paid off, customers will only pay for their monthly service plan.

Why is this important? Well, the “big 3” telcos got caught charging what are known as device subsidies long after a phone that is purchased from a “big 3” telco for “$0” or for a low price is paid for. I wrote about this gouging phenomenon here and I am guessing that this is meant to make that public relations nightmare go away. I also think this further adds credence to the fact that they’re trying to get in front of what the New Democratic Party and the The Liberal party have signaled. Though I do have one question. Does this apply to people who are currently paying off a device subsidy? There were no details in the press release so we’ll have to see.

Expect this to also be copied by Bell and Telus shortly.


Rogers Announces “Unlimited” Data Plan…. Expect Telus And Bell To Respond Quickly

Posted in Commentary with tags on June 12, 2019 by itnerd

Mark June 13th in your calendars because Rogers has put out a press release that announces new plans that are different by Canadian standards:

Rogers Communications announced today it will introduce unlimited data plans with no overage charges on Canada’s most trusted, national network. The new plans will be available on the Rogers brand starting tomorrow. Later this summer, Rogers will also launch new financing options giving customers more affordable smartphone and device opportunities.

Rogers Infinite plans with unlimited wireless data will start at $75 for 10GB of high speed data for every line on our fastest LTE network. Beyond this, customers can use unlimited data at reduced speeds which still allows simple browsing, engaging in social media, streaming video, and sending email and text messages. If customers want more high speed data, they can purchase a Speed Pass for $15 for 3GB. Customers can pool their data with family and friends, eliminating the need to monitor data use.

The word “unlimited” sounds good. But in reality this isn’t really a truly unlimited data plan. You’re basically getting a 10GB cap for $75 a month and if you go over that you get throttled unless you pay Rogers more money. US telcos have had similar schemes for some time now. Still this is way different than what Canadian consumers have been getting up until now.

Now the Rogers announcement should trigger similar announcements from Bell and Telus as the so called “big 3” tend to be in lockstep with each other rather than truly competing against each other. Thus any customer who is with the “big 3” will likely benefit from this. I expect to see that response come quickly. As in the next day or two.

The question is why is this sudden shift from Rogers happening? The press release may offer up a hint on that front:

“Canadians want worry-free wireless and these new plans will give our customers peace of mind so they can use as much data as they want,” said Joe Natale, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This is about putting our customers first, and helping them get the most out of their wireless services. These plans represent another critical step forward in our commitment to creating the best experience for our customers.”

It suggests that Rogers has heard loud and clear that the way they currently do business sucks. And seeing as Rogers CEO Joe Natale has a reputation for having a high focus on customer service and the customer experience, that makes sense. But I think that there’s more to it than that. There’s a federal election coming in October and the New Democratic Party has put out a policy statement saying if they form the next government, they would lower the prices of wireless and Internet service for Canadians. The Liberal party has signaled something similar but not as far reaching. So could this simply be a preemptive strike to ward that off? Perhaps. We’ll have to watch and see as I am sure that the truth will eventually come to light.

In any event, I would say that once these plans become available, and if you are not under a contract of some sort with whichever of the “big 3” telcos that you do business with, and you are paying something in the area $75 a month, you should switch to these sorts of plans. Because these are closer to the sorts of data plans that Canadians should have had a long time ago. But the “big 3” can and should do better than this. Thus they still need to have their feet held to the fire to ensure that Canadians get the data plans that have been available in the rest of the world for many, many years now. Which means that Canadian wireless consumers still need to keep the pressure up.

UPDATE: Rogers has updated their website with Infinite plan pricing:

  • $75 for 10GB
  • $95 for 20GB
  • $125 for 50GB

New and existing customers are eligible for this pricing.

As for the throttling part of this, here’s what Rogers says on that front:

Rogers Infinite data plans include 10GB, 20GB or 50GB of data at max speed on the Rogers network, extended coverage areas within Canada, and Roam Like Home destinations (see You will continue to have access to data services with no overage beyond the max speed allotment at a reduced speed of up to 256 kilobits per second (for both upload and download) until the end of your current billing cycle. Applications such as email, web browsing, apps, and audio/video streaming will continue to function at a reduced speed which will likely impact your experience. We will send you a text message notifying you when you have used 90% and 100% of the max speed allotment included in your plan with the option to purchase a Speed Pass to add more max speed data to your plan. In all cases, usage is subject to the Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

So you’ll get your email, but Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will suck.

Rogers Now Supports eSIM On iPhones

Posted in Commentary with tags on April 30, 2019 by itnerd

In the midst of looking for something related to an inquiry that one of my clients had, I tripped over this posting on the Rogers Community Forums which led me to this related post. In short, it now appears that Rogers has finally got support for eSIMs. But there is a catch. A forum member asked this question:


Here’s the answer that this person got:

Rogers 2

Judging from the reaction on the Rogers Community Forums, the reaction thus far is positive. Which is a good thing if you are Rogers. This seems to be iPhone only at the moment. Specifically the XS, XS Max, or the XR. Hopefully this expands to other eSIM capable devices soon. It also appears to only be available at Rogers flagship stores at present. Hopefully this broadens out. Regardless, this is good news for Rogers customers.

Rogers Services Are Not Working For Some In Toronto Due To A Fibre Cut

Posted in Commentary with tags on April 25, 2019 by itnerd

If you’re in the north-east part of Toronto and your Rogers TV, Home Phone, and/or Internet aren’t working, it’s not you that’s the issue. Rogers unfortunately has become the victim of a cut fibre optic cable thanks to a construction crew who didn’t have their eye on the ball. That in turn has cut service to roughly 4000 customers. Rogers has been keeping customers updated on social media.

But as I type this, Rogers crews are still working to restore service:

Fixing this sort of issue is not an easy task as it requires specialized equipment, the right people, and a lot of time as it can take hours or even a day or more to restore service when a fibre cable is cut. So the advice that I have been giving people who have reached out to me about this is to be patient for service to come back on line. You truly have no other option as phoning Rogers and unloading on the first contact center rep from Rogers that you get isn’t going to restore your Internet, Home Phone, and TV any faster.

I’ll update this story with any developments that I become aware of.

Rogers Launches eSIM For Business Customers On iPhone…. And Fido’s Stance On eSIM Is As Clear As Mud

Posted in Commentary with tags on March 27, 2019 by itnerd

So if you’ve been following the mess that is Rogers support for eSIM on the iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, you’ll recall that Apple appeared to announce that Rogers was supporting eSIM for Apple’s newest phones. But then appeared to back away from that by removing references to Rogers from its various web pages. And in the process leading to a lot of Rogers customers being confused.

Well, Rogers is back on this Apple webpage which lists carriers that support eSIM:


And after some poking around, I found this on Rogers Community Forums which is announcing eSIM support for business customers only. Meaning consumers need not apply. And its only for iPhone XS/XS Max/XR. Which means if you nave some other eSIM device like some of the flagship Android phones, you need not apply. Plus this is only available on BYOD and no-term plans. If you want to be on a contract with Rogers, then your only option is a physical SIM card rather than activating the eSIM on the phone.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they won’t get a lot of interest from customers given the above. But I’m free to be proven wrong.

Now you’ll also notice that Rogers flanker brand Fido is listed as supporting eSIM. Except that if you ask Fido, they’ll say something like this:

So that’s weird seeing as Apple is saying that they do support eSIM. What’s up with that? Perhaps Rogers/Fido and Apple should collectively clarify this as it’s not exactly clear what the truth is.


A Reader Complains About The Lack Of Support For The Samsung Galaxy Watch From Rogers

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I got a comment related to this story that I posted about the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Which for those on Team Android is the chief competitor to the Apple Watch. I posted that story in relation to Rogers lack of eSIM support at the time. They now have that support. Sort of. But only for the Apple Watch. It’s not available for the Galaxy Watch because Rogers much to my surprise doesn’t seem to carry the Galaxy Watch. Here’s what the reader who tipped me off to this said:

I spent alot of the day today calling Roger’s and getting escalated to higher and higher up the Rogers management chain.

In the end I spent over half an hour talking to the Office of the President of Roger’s.

Supposedly the very top of Rogers.

I was told that Roger’s has made a business decision to not support the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

And worse that they have no plans to support it at any time in the future.

I was on hold for nearly 10 minutes while the Office of the President checked and confirmed with all groups that there is no support planned at all.

(While I was told that they may change their mind at any time, it seems highly unlikely as these things are normally scheduled months in advanced)

This is extreamly discouraging.

When I pointed out that this is making a large number of Roger’s customers very upset, I was told that I could complain to the ombudsman (who had no control over business decisions).

I also pointed out that the type of person who buys a 500+ smartwatch is likely to also be spending alot on other Roger’s services and that this business decision was likely to be a expensive mistake.

In the end I have decided to move all my business to a different carrier.

Not my preferred choice, but I am left with no choice.

Well, that’s someone who is never going to do business with Rogers again. And I confirmed via this page that the only carriers in Canada that have the Galaxy Watch are Telus and Bell.

At first I thought the person who pinged me on this was over reacting. But I reached out to a bunch of my friends and associates who are on Team Android to get their views on they. To my surprise their reaction to finding out that Rogers doesn’t carry the Galaxy Watch was one of shock. They all assumed that of course Rogers would carry all the latest and greatest devices. Thus the fact that Rogers didn’t carry the Galaxy Watch was mind blowing. Thus based on that, I think Rogers has really made a mistake here. One they might want to reconsider with the Galaxy 10 about to make an appearance as that will drive upgrades once it is available. Those upgrades will likely go to carriers that carry all of Samsung’s products. In other words, Telus and Bell and not Rogers. Pity.


Are Rogers And Fido Rolling Out eSIM Support? [UPDATED: Who Knows??]

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It seems that Rogers and their flanker brand Fido might be on the verge something that for a change will make their users happy. According to Apple’s website, they now support eSIM. Here’s some snapshots proving that:

Rogers esim


Weirdly, this other document doesn’t show that either carrier has eSIM support. I’m guessing that it has to be updated. Or maybe someone jumped the gun. I checked both of Rogers Twitter feeds and no mention of eSIM support there. Ditto for Fido. But it does make sense as one of the things that iOS 12.1.1 which was released today did was add eSIM support for more carriers. All Rogers and Fido customers need is some sort of official statement and instructions on how to make this work.

Watch this space for updates.

UPDATE: This is what Rogers is saying on Twitter when they are asked about eSIM support:

This despite the fact that the Apple website page that I referenced at the start of the article has not changed two days after this information was posted. You would think that if Apple screwed up, they would have fixed it by now. Thus one has to assume that Apple is sharing information that to them is correct. What further highlights this disconnect between Rogers/Fido and Apple is that this Apple webpage has been updated to match the other web page that I referenced at the start of this article. Thus you have to wonder what the deal is with Rogers giving responses like the Tweet above seeing as Apple is singing a different tune.

I sense another Rogers PR gong show in the making.

UPDATE #2: As of January 2nd, it appears all references to Rogers supporting eSIM are gone from this Apple webpage. But strangely, Fido is still listed as supporting eSIM. Seeing as Rogers and Fido are the same company, that’s beyond bizarre. What adds to the bizarre nature of this is that this Apple webpage still lists both companies as supporting eSIM.

This is highly confusing. And this answer from one hour before I posted this story addes to the confusion:

Read a certain way, it sort of implies that eSIM support is still coming on Rogers.

At this point, who knows what the deal is and it would be nice if Rogers, Fido and Apple would clarify the situation.