Review: Rogers LTE Network – Part 3: The Plans

The big question that I’m being asked is what does LTE go for on the Rogers network. Let me start with their current “must have” plan. A 10GB data plan for $52.93 per month on a 3 year plan. That’s a limited time offer, although I have no word on when this offer ends. Other plans include:

  • $47.93 for 2GB
  • $62.93 for 4GB
  • $77.93 for 6GB
  • $92.93 for 9GB

One thing I’ll point out is that if you blow past your cap at a given level, you get bumped up to the next level. Having said this, none of these plans can be described as cheap. But the 10GB data plan is your best choice if you must have LTE. I for one as a business user won’t be paying these kind of prices for LTE even though I can write this off as a business expense. They’re just too high for my tastes. Many others will likely share that view. I suspect that this will affect the adoption of Rogers LTE.

Tomorrow, I’ll wind up this review with my closing thoughts.

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