Review: Rogers LTE Network – Part 4: The Wrap Up

So I’ve lived with Rogers LTE for a week. The question is, what do I think about it?

First, it’s FAST. I got speeds of 20+ Mbps downstream in various parts of Toronto. While it’s not the 75 Mbps that they advertise, it’s noting to sneeze at. Second, the Sierra Wireless Aircard 313U that I reviewed was a very nice piece of kit. Easy to install and easy to use. The coverage at least in Toronto largely means the 416/647 area code. I did some further testing and found that it their coverage does creep into the suburbs outside of Toronto, but I would not bank on coverage deep into the suburbs. Two things that I should mention on that front. First, that’s likely to change as LTE gets extended by Rogers. Second, this is likely going to be the case in Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver as well. The only part that I would give Rogers LTE falls down is the price. It’s not cheap. The average consumer isn’t going to be using LTE anytime soon and I suspect that some business users might be turned off of going to LTE as well. If the price for LTE drops, they will have a winner on their hands because everything else about Rogers LTE rocks.

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