Review: Vlingo Plus For Blackberry

I recently downloaded Vlingo Plus For Blackberry as it is one of the apps that RIM is offering free of charge to make up for their multi-day outage. It bills itself as a “virtual assistant” that allows you to speak to your phone to get it to do things. For example, one of my associates asked me to say “Find Pizza Hut In Mississauga.” It listed all five locations in Mississauga. Nice. I was also able to get it to dial my phone as well as send text messages simply by saying “Dial 416-310-1010” or “Text John. I am five minutes away.” All I have to do is press the right side button. That might be an issue while driving. But it does work with my Bluetooth headset, so I won’t hold it against them. However, if they could find a way to integrate it with the button on my headset, it would be perfect. It also has a feature called SafeReader which reads your e-mails, calendar reminders, and text messages to you. It works WAY BETTER than Drive Pro which stopped working for me after a few days. You can also use it to do status updates of your Twitter and Facebook accounts by voice as well.

What are the downsides? There aren’t not really any. The app could use some refinements such as location awareness, plus I noticed that it had problems processing my requests via WiFi. Disable WiFi and all is good. Kind of annoying, but nothing that is major in nature. I highly recommend this app to Blackberry users. Plus you can’t beat the price of $0.

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