Free Anti-Virus Apps For Mac…. All The Protection You Need At No Cost To You

So now that the faith of every Mac user has been shaken because of a couple of high profile trojans, it’s time to think of Anti-Virus apps for the Mac. The good news that there are a number of choices that are 100% free that you can choose from:

  • The first and longest running free Anti-Virus app for Mac is ClamXav. I used to run it and it worked quite well. Configuring the application takes a bit of work, but it’s doable by novices. Once configured, it will scan your hard drive automatically and it will check your incoming e-mail for anything “nasty.” While the app is free, the author does ask for donations. So if you use it, please consider flipping the author a couple of bucks.
  • My current Anti-Virus app right now is Sophos. It is much more user friendly than ClamXav and was one of the first of the big Anti-Virus companies to step into the Mac space. One thing to note, it is for home users only. Business users need to purchase their business class product.
  • Avast! Mac Security is currently in a public beta and is made up of three components. Web Shield and Mail Shield combine to check the vast majority of incoming data from the Internet, while File Shield scans all programs stored and executed from your hard drive. If you don’t mind running beta software, it’s worth a try.
  • Another recent entrant to this market Avira Free Mac Security. It has a very simple interface that allows you to configure the app to do what you need it to. Novice users might want to take a good look at this app.

One key thing to remember is that with the exception of ClamXav, everything that I’ve mentioned is made by a top tier Anti-Virus company. But in all cases, you are going to be able to protect your Mac for the evils of the Internet that threaten the Mac platform.

Welcome to the new normal Mac users.

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