Hey IT Nerd! What Is A Retina Dispaly And Why Do I Want One?

With the new MacBook Pros not to mention the most recent iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 4S, Apple have tossed around the words “retina display” in relation to their displays. So what sets the retina display apart from other displays? Retina displays have pixel density that is so high that the eye would not be able to notice pixelation at a typical viewing distance. The other thing that these displays bring is much higher resolutions. For example, in the new MacBook Pros, you get a display that has a resolution of 2880×1800 on a 15″ display. That’s better than 1080p resolution.

Why do you want one? Simple. If you surf the Internet, type up letters using Microsoft Word and do other mundane tasks like that, the answer is no. It’s completely overkill for those tasks. However, if you edit video, pictures, or you simply want the sharpest display possible then the retina display is for you. In either case, you should see the displays in action at your local Apple store and judge for yourself if the retina display is right for you.

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