Human Demand Launches Self Serve Mobile Ad Platform

Let’s say you’re an app developer and you have a really amazing app. The question is, how do you get the word out? After all, you’re competing in a huge marketplace made up of app stores and word of mouth. A company called Human Demand has your answer. Their self serve platform allows app developers to begin acquiring and optimizing high lifetime value users the same day.

Okay. That sounds interesting, But here’s why I’m writing about this. Where traditional mobile ad players run blind, meaning advertisers do not know where their ads are running, Human Demand lets them see the actual name of every single app /publisher they are advertising on.  Even more importantly within traditional ad companies, it is usually difficult if not impossible for advertisers to know what is actually performing, such as meeting their ROI objectives, because knowledge is typically hoarded in a “black box” vs. the Human Demand platform which is “open” and fully transparent.That to me is a game changer.

The platform is available for iOS and Android app developers and is live as I type this. If you’re an app developer, you should take a look. Perhaps it will make your app the next Angry Birds.

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