Java For Mac Installer Appears On Java Website….. Mac Users Should Care

Up until this past week, the only way you could get Java on your Mac was to get it through Apple. Not the worst thing in the world except for the fact that it wasn’t updated as frequently as Java versions on other platforms. That opened half a million Macs up to being infected by the Flashback Trojan. Not good. After that episode, Java support moved to being supported and updated by Oracle. That means that something like the Flashback Trojan is much less likely to happen because any vulnerabilities would be closed quickly which means that exploits like the Flashback Trojan would have a very short shelf life.

So, if you want Java for Mac and you’re running OS X Lion or Mountain Lion, you can get it here. You might want to read this before installing it though. All of that of course assumes you need Java. Most users don’t. But if you do, you should really update now.

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