New Java Exploit Is A Threat To You…. Regardless Of What OS You Run [UPDATED]

There’s a new Java vulnerability that has been discovered which poses a significant threat to systems running Java 7 update 6. In other words, the most recent version. It doesn’t matter if you run Windows, OS X, or LINUX. It affects them all. Details can be found on this blog post. I should note that Oracle is moving to a quarterly update cycle for Java, meaning that the next regularly-scheduled update to Java SE 7 is not planned until October. That’s a problem as there is no fix for this. So how do you protect yourself? Turn off Java until Oracle comes out with a fix.

UPDATE: Unsure if you’re affected? Check out this website which will see if you, your version of Java and your browser is exploitable. Then check out this site to see how to protect yourself.

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